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Space Beast Terror Fright got Green Lit

Long time friends over at Nornware just got their latest game Space Beast Terror Fright (awesome name btw) green lit over at Steam!

Huge achivement! Congrats!

You should definitely check it out!

Mutant Gangland Alpha Release

You should definitely check out Mutant Gangland created by SoP member zapakitul!

"It's the distant future, Gangs of mutants and robots fight each other over city blocks and turfs. Every mutant and robot with their own price and power gets mixed up in the fight where having houses means having money. This is the harsh reality of Mutant Gangland. The world's only official turn-based-future-turf-war simulator."

Download Mutant Gangland

Game Prices Slashed

Stuff has been really slow here lately... but lets kick start things by slashing game prices Smiling All games are now $4.95, and If you are really smart you get the Arcade Game Pack with three games for $9.95.


Holiday Game Discount

Christmas is here again and at Spell of Play we'd like to wish you and your dear ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And what better way to celebrate than a massive 50% discount on all our games!

Spell of Play at DreamHack Winter 10

As it seems I'll be attending DreamHack winter 2010 for a couple of days (25-26/11). I'll be demoing the XBox360 version of TWTPB and collecting user feedback. Do some live coding etc.

If you are at DreamHack feel free to drop by the Linneaus University booth ( DreamExpo i B-hallen, B06:06).

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Super Mario Pearl Beads

Super Mario Pearl BeadsSuper Mario Pearl Beads

My kitchen wall is no longer empty...
3500+ beads.
~4 hours of work for two people.

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T.W.T.P.B. Ideas

Having been away from coding especially c++ far to long I've decided to make some changes to T.W.T.P.B. to get into the game again so to speak Sticking out tongue

I actually had a chat irl with two of the current top players and they wanted more rewards (i.e. energy) for killing enemies. Also I've had been pondering this idea that when you kill an enemy the bullets from that enemy are converted to small energy pellets. So this seemed like a pretty good thing and I have started to implement it.

There are however some decisions to be made:

Converting bullets per enemy seems to make the game a bit easy Sticking out tongue Possibly this should be on a per formation basis instead. Or this should be the rule when playing on "easy" and maybe do per formation on medium and no conversion on hard.

Any comments or ideas?

I hope to get some time to experiment and get an update out there asap.

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