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A role playing game is built with walls disguised as crates

So iteration 3 was released on hUb and I got a lot of feedback, mostly from my twitter friends and from the spell of play team. It is great that so many of you shows interest for this project, it makes me want to give you more!

One of the super great things about iterative development is that you get so early feedback. For example I got a twitter comment about a bug and two hours later a new version of hero was up on hUb without it.

I´ve started development of iteration 4, wrote some plans and done a little fixing of some small issues mentioned in feedback.

Iteration 4

Iteration 4 half walls, blocks movement but not visibilityIteration 4 half walls, blocks movement but not visibilityOne thing I wanted was blocking tiles, that block movement but does not block arrows completely, so you can take cover behind them and fire arrows (and in future magic) at your enemies... And to use as tables or altars and put items and fire and whatnot on them... They are not destructible, since the light maps needs to be recalculated.

Well development is kind of slow since I get only 1-2 hours a day of time in front of the PC (for those who don't know I´m on parental leave with two small kids). So I try to prioritize like hell and some very cool ideas will have to wait until I get the time to finish them in one longer programming session.

I try to improve the stuff I got and slowly add new features, taking my time refactoring and rewriting my code often. If you get to many stinks in the code you don't want to work in it anymore...

One problem is that this project does not have a dedicated artist, and as some of you know I get the nice isometric art from Reiner Prokein´s free art. My plan is to try to manage with what I get from there and when the project is a bit more stable I hope to get one or more artist along for the ride... (Actually Gridur has done some art for I3 (the weapons and potions) and I hope he will show us some more of his great 2D skills in future iterations too!

Now I´m going to put the kids in their beds!

Daniel @dntoll Toll

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Finally! New release of Hero!

I´m happy to announce that the third iteration of Hero have been released on hUb! I have worked hard on Hero during the two weeks and here are some of the news in Hero iteration 3.

  • New item graphics thanks to Gridur
  • First mini quest introduced (very simple)
  • Lighting in dungeons have been improved
  • Towns, Temples and forts are reintroduced
  • New map with a few dungeons
  • First aid skill
  • New experience system
  • Higher dungeon walls (thank you johno for pointing this out)
  • Enemies and crates behind walls shows outlined
  • Quest dialogues
  • better enemy selection feedback

Thank you all for your feedback and support!

Co-Op Twitter Contest with Rad on the Web

Update: Contest is now closed and the winners will soon be announced!

Update 2: This contest is open for people from all countries.

We're hosting a Twitter contest together with Mevio web show Rad on the Web You can win some awesome prices like our t-shirts and games!

The contest has started! Watch the episode and follow the instructions and win win win!

Contest entrants will be listed here and the winners will be announced on Monday!

And now for the few rules.

  • Watch the above episode for info on how to enter the contest.
  • Twitter user names will be listed on this page and will be the official list of contest entrants.
  • On monday (may 25) we'll randomly select 10 winners, 5 will win a game license for a game of their choice, 5 will win a Spell of Play t-shirt with a motif of their choice.
  • Winners will be posted on this page, and notified via @-message on twitter.
  • Winners must respond with sufficient contact details within 24h upon notification. If you win a game an email address is sufficient, if you win a t-shirt we'll need an address to ship it to.
  • There are no restrictions on where you're from (as long as we can ship a t-shirt to you if you win at reasonable cost)

Bärs é Livet

Hello all!

Long time no blog, but I haven't been idle, so here's an update.

Some friends and I recently concluded work on the video to what we think is this year's swedish "radio plague", namely our song Bärs é Livet (loosely translated as "Beer is Life / Beer is teh shit").

Even if you don't speak swedish the song is still quite catchy, enjoy! Smiling

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Hero, fantasy role playing game

As some of you might have heard, I have continued working on "Hero" after a small break of two years.

With the new project I got quite different goals than before, this will be a more classical and old school role playing game.

A demo release is now available on hUb featuring completely new graphics!

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T.W.T.P.B. for Eee PC

An update to the shoot em up game T.W.T.P.B. has just been released. The update fixes compatibility issues on low end Intel based graphics cards. T.W.T.P.B. should now work without problems on low end pc's like the Eee PC that are based on the Intel 915GM GPU architecture.

This update is automatically downloaded and installed by hUb. Feel free to make any comments in our T.W.T.P.B. forum


Cactus GDC 09 Presentation

In Sweden we have a lot of great indie developers. One of them is Cactus or Jonatan Söderström, he is an extremely productive developer that has managed to ship more titles than most have fingers and toes. He has a really cool style that reminds me of the weirder parts of Monty Python.

You can find out more about him at Cactus Software

Cactus was one of the speakers of GDC/IGS 09 and you find his talk about Rapid Game Development below. Many interesting ideas, tips and concepts!

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