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New Game

So... the last few days I've been pondering creating a new game. Since the I29 release of TWTPB I've neither had the time nor the inspiration to start up a new project but now I feel the creative winds blowing once more. Smiling

Painting in very broad strokes it will be a platformer/rpg mash, with highly stylized "procedural" graphics (trying to repeat my "programmer should be able to do all the graphics" lesson from TWTPB). You'll probably play a robot in third person view and you'll be able to augment yourself with different abilities/weapons etc.

If you'd like a small preview I'm thinking of dusting off my AWorld tech demo available on hUb as a starting point.

However I've got a lot going on before I can really start this one off; I30 of TWTPB, new game release, a new hUb update... *phew*

Right now I'm working out my lore and vision of the game and I'm hoping to find some time to make an 8h development crunch to get things started.

And I probably should read our game post mortems

I'll keep you posted on any ideas or progress!

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Twitter Integration Beta

We have just rolled out our Twitter integration module. Now community members can hook up their Spell of Play accounts with their Twitter accounts using the Spell of Play Game Twtr application.

The general idea is to let our community members easily supply their gaming profile here at Spell of Play with information from their Twitter profile. There will also be options to tweet your activity in the community and the games you play. A great way to let your friends know what you are doing!

Feel free to suggest features, ask for help, or anything else in our twitter forum where there also is a simple guide on how to set up your connection.


Twitter Love

As some may know I've grown into quite an avid user of micro blog Twitter as of late. I really had no idea how big it was and how it would hook me in.

I'm meeting new people there every day and many of them have very positive things to say about Spell of Play, the game and about hUb. All in all a social open minded crowd that I'm happy to be part of.

You might also have noticed some increased activity on the forums etc ant that is mostly thanks to Twitter. Currently you find me hObbE as @SpellOfPlay and dntoll as @dntoll. Feel free to follow us!

Interestingly enough Twitter also has an awesome, open API to write your own Twitter Apps in. Diving into it it took me about 15 minutes to get started and an additional 15 minutes and some 80 lines of php code to get something working.

I have now added Twitter to the user profiles here at Spell of Play and the idea is that if you want to, we will Tweet your activity on this site and on hUb to your Twitter time line! An upcoming release of hUb will enable tweets of the games you start. This is pretty much in early beta format right now but I'm actually quite exited about this and I'm looking forward to trying it out more.

Feel free to post any comments and/or ideas, or just tweet me Smiling

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Blog Contest Winner

And the winner of the Got a Got a Blog? - Win a Game! blogging contest is......

Uhfgood’s Game Reviews

A personal view on games with a focus on independent games. There is a big selection of reviews in different categories and also the opportunity to comment. I really like Uhfgood's reviews, they are filled with personal references and quite fun to read. To top it off Uhfgood review games you have seldom heard of and would have a hard time to find yourself, including: To Win The Peanut Butter

Uhfgood will be receiving the free game and also be announced in the upcoming newsletter!

Thanks to all that participated.

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Blog Contest Wrap Up

The Got a Blog? - Win a Game! blog contest is over!

This is a list of the entries we got and from these a winner will be drawn. Take a moment to visit these sites!

We got 9 out of 10 slots filled, so the people who entered has a greater chance of winning. If any of the anonymous entries win, they will get the game and another winner will be drawn for the publicity.

The winner will be announced tomorrow (March 31).

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Final Version of Astrocreeps released

Blast the evil Astro-Creeps to oblivion for a place on the highscore list!

Spell of Play Studios are proud to announce the final version of UfoPilot: Astro-Creeps. The game has been available for as pc demo download for some time, and has now evolved into a full game. Game download exclusively via hUb

To top things off you currently get a 50% discount and only pay $4.97 for the full version!

Game Features

  • Simple yet deceptively deep gameplay!
  • Multiple powerups and tactics!
  • Global highscore lists!
  • Retro gaming as it should be!

Mini golf update

Hurray, its Friday and a new version of Mini golf Worlds has been released on the hUb.

The new version features:

  • A full course of 9 new levels called "Splashy waters". That makes a total of 14 fun courses of nine holes each.
  • A between holes mouse click removed, thank you hObbE for the suggestion.
  • Reworked user interface for challenge history.

And remember to compete in the March contest, only 4 days left.

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