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Busy Busy Busy

Oh man I've had two very busy weeks in my "real" life. So busy I've hardly had the time to check the website and little less post anything new.

Things do look brighter now and I hope to get busy developing soon! I've got an update for T.W.T.P.B. in the pipe and also Project L needs some love Smiling

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Blur Beta Keys

I've been one of the lucky few to get into the XBox 360 Blur multiplayer beta and I really like the game so far. Kind of a mix between Mario Kart and Burnout. These games being two of my favorite racing titles Blur is spot on!

Anyway I just got three extra keys so grab em' while they are hot and register at



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More spells in Hero Iteration 14

Finally I got around to release iteration 14 of Hero.
Hero is a complex project and during this iteration I have made a few hard cuts in order to make it manageable again. I have removed the map game altogether and now you move from one area directly to other areas...

This new version features:

  • Map game removed
  • Heal spell
  • Fire ball spell
  • Armor spell
  • A few dungeons

Now enjoy some dungeons!


hero i14hero i14

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Cthulhu Breaker Premiere!

Heya Folks!

For the first time ever I release a iteration of my very own game here at SoP! So it's a first time premiere right here and now! Smiling

Cthulhu Breaker is a pretty straight forward Breakout clone, takin' me back to the roots when I started out here at SoP and we were working on Time Breaker (then Spheroids).
I've worked on CB since I moved here to Gillhov, Jämtland about a month ago, feeling really good in my new place, and I think this is one of the reason that I've gotten this far with a project really.

This is as mentioned the first iteration of Cthulhu Breaker, I've not started putting in sound into it yet, and theres a lot of things that needs polish.
But all in all it's pretty playable at this stage! I'm pretty sure that there is a big pile of bugs hiding in it though, and I hope that the community can help out to report all problems encountered.

The game starts through Java Webstart, so all you need to do is to click on this link here:

And heres some Screens of the game!

Hope you'll enjoy it and I'm of to work on Iteration 2 right away! So more to come!

Menu ScreenMenu Screen

Ingame ScreenIngame Screen

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Help Kokoromi Send Gamma IV To San Francisco

I love the people over at Kokoromi and their annual Gamma contests and what they are doing for independent game development. This year they even got an invitation to show the Gamma IV winners at GDC! A great opportunity for many aspiring game developers. One problem though, such a display costs money and they need about $1600 for this to happen.

I have decided to help them by letting all revenue generated from sales of T.W.T.P.B. during February go directly to support their plea. Also I've got two game codes for some casual games that I will give to some lucky winners in a Twitter contest*.

You can help to!

* The Twitter contest works like this

  1. Tweet this message "RT @SpellOfPlay: Help Kokoromi Send #gamma4 To San Francisco and Win a Game!"
  2. Your entry will be collected in this post as soon as I see it in my timeline.
  3. Wait... I will draw two winners at the end of February and send them their codes.
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Ufopilot : Astro-Creeps Maintenance Update

UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps has been updated - this is a maintenance update aiming to increase compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Please report any problems.

UfoPilot II : The Phadt Menace Maintenance Update

UfoPilot II : The Phadt Menace has been updated - this is a maintenance update aiming to increase compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Please report any problems.

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