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Sense update with screenshots!

I've posted a small update on Sense on my blog. Only screenshots this time because i need to work out some things before the next video. There's also some thoughts on the next steps of the game and a link to the design document i'm using (if anyone's interested in crazy but slightly structured notes).

Well, enjoy: Sense update with screenshots!"

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New Solid Core game in the works: Sense: Survival Prelude

I've hinted in the forum that we're working on a new game. I've now announced it on my blog and will continue to post updates with videos as substantial progress have been made. Hopefully i get to release the first iteration on hub later this year if Spell of Play let's me Smiling

Well it's called Sense: Survival Prelude and is a 2D cooperative survival action top-down game based on the three senses touch, seeing and hearing.

You can find more info and the video on my blog

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Bloom review

My game Bloom has been reviewed by the online games magazine Thirteen 1 (page 40). According to the review Bloom is too hard and / or fast, and I also seem to remember other people having similar opinions.

This gets me thinking; would there be a way to fix that? Since the game is already released and has sold at least one copy Smiling, I can't really get away with completely changing it (this would also mess up the replays), but perhaps I could add stuff to it that allows people to play it in a way that works better for them? Since we do iterative and collaborative development here at Spell of Play, it seems only natural to me to continue tweaking the game for the benefit of all users.

Indeed I feel very motivated to learn from this experience, and I'll surely try some ideas out. Stay tuned!

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SoPCON 1 wrap-up

Hello all!

At about 16:45 (GMT + 1) today our rented WLAN broke, and we took that as a sign to start wrapping up Spell of Play CONference 1.

The event was a big success, seeing the release of a Iteration 6 of Hero as well as the launch of the new game Sentry. Big thank-you's go out to everyone who turned up both digitally and IRL!

You can see the quite lengthy and sometimes quite silly live streams from both days over at Bambuser.

Expect photos soon as well as an informative video about the event that will be posted we can get it edited!

Again, thanks so much to everyone for their support, and hope to see you all next time!

Hero SoPCON release

So after a few hours of coding at SoPCON 1 I´m proud to release a new iteration of Hero. This iteration features:

  • New lighting with HLSL shaders
  • Tilted tiles
  • Pickable doors
  • feedback when, inventory is full
  • Height advantage bonus
  • Light to hit bonus and penalties
  • No backstab with ranged weapons
  • Ranged weapons get penalties when used too close

Big thanks to everyone for testing and support!

SoPCON spawns a new game!

Hello all!

Here we are at SoPCON having a great time! Smiling

I have just released the first iteration of Sentry, an action/puzzle game where you try to navigate labyrinths filled with nasty aliens. The twist is that you don't have any weapons of your own, rather you have a number of sentry guns that you can move around to try to clear a path through the alien hordes. However, ammo is limited...

In this game it is possible (if you are logged in) to create your own levels for other people to play. In time there will of course be highscore lists for this, and possible also replay support if it fits the game (without giving away too many solutions...)

I hope you get a chance to try it out, and please give me feedback!

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SoPCON 1 Live

Wooot! SoPCON 1 has started (well just barely...) and we even got the live streaming up and running! Feel free to join the SoPCON 1 stream and chat over at bambuser!

SoPCON Day 2 Live Stream

SoPCON Day 1 Stream

Update: Awwwh... SoPCON 1 day 1 is coming to an end! Thanks for all the great comments on the chat! See you all tomorrow! And don't forget to check out the two new game releases on hUb Laughing out loud

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