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More dungeons to the people!

Hero forrestHero forrestAfter 25 long hours of work over two weeks (I´m on vacation), I´m proud to the fifth demo of my turn based role playing game "Hero".

The new demo has a few more dungeons for you to explore, I have also added items, bushes and other things to decorate dungeons with.

You can also enjoy a new user interface, some of you will recognize it from Caribbean Pirate Quest, but I think the theme works great for Hero.

I have added a options menu so you can set your favorite resolution, or play in windowed mode if you like, I also added a option to change the brightness for all of you with dark monitors...

On the technical side I have rewritten the ray-tracer so you will experience more accurate and faster lighting and shadows. I have removed some of the flickering graphics.

Hero optionsHero optionsUser interfaceUser interfaceGame play has been changed so now you pick items with LEFT mouse button, and you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Equiping armor and drinking potions now takes time units, so you can be stabbed when enjoying your 75% potion.
I have started to work on the skill-system, so when you raise "melee weapon skill" you also unlock new weapons, similar system will be done for the other skills in the future.

I have corrected a few bugs including the ALT-TAB bug from iteration 4.

I really hope you enjoy playing Hero and write a line or two in the forum what you like or dislike!


Project L and TV Interview

A long time since I updated my blog now (wonder how many blog posts around the web starts with those exact words Sticking out tongue), though I've not been on the lazy side of things.

Since we recently got awarded as one of the 15 hottest young game developers in Sweden things have definitely amped up. I even got to do an interview for a local TV4 news network and Swedish Radio Kalmar. Great fun, a proof that we're on the right track and a true inspiration to move on, to do even better games!

The week before the award we also decided to connect with more game developers and creative people and host the very first SoPCON. This will be an exiting event for all of us!

On the development side of things Daniel's Hero is progressing nicely and I really think this will be a kick ass game. I definitely love that he's doing the game of his dreams and with the help of you guys this will game will shine! So go give some feedback on Hero!

The few spare moments I've got to do some coding myself I've managed to fix some issues in hUb, maintain and update the site and start a new game project with the working and secretive title "Project L". I'll tease you guys with a screen shot, but there is not much I can say about the project yet so let the speculations begin Eye-wink

what is that...what is that...

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As every game developer with self respect has their own conference we're happy to announce SoPCON 1!

Spell of Play Studios has been active as an indie game studio since 2004 and using our own digital distribution platform hUb and our unique view on game development we have slowly but surely built a vibrant community of gamers and developers.

We now want more developers and partners to join us to increase the breadth and quality of the games released on hUb.

SoPCON 1 is the place to meet us and other developers for some gaming, jamming and ranting.

When and Where

Gothenburg, Sweden, 11-12 July 2009.


A limited number of invitations have been sent out to a select few developers. If you have not got one you are free to contact us at;, and tell us who you are.


No, though you have to arrange your own meals and accommodation.

More Info

Contact us at or make a post in the SoPCON forum


Would you like your company exposed on SoPCON? Feel free to contact us for any marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities.

Dark dungeons, music and Ogres in iteration 4, now on hUb!

After two weeks of hard work, I´m proud to present iteration 4 of Hero!
Download an play for free today!

The focus of iteration 4 was to make dungeons a bit more interesting, previous iterations have had generated dungeons, but now I got a in game editor and can create great custom dungeons. I also introduce stairs, water and floors on different levels. Hero iteration 4 contains 3 different dungeons so check them out!

Stealth now works better in dark areas, so put out that torch and back stab your enemies to oblivion!

Hero I4 also got some great music from mad!

Iteration 4 is the result of 30 hours of hard work, and it is only two short weeks to iteration 5 so help me prioritize by giving feedback in the Hero forum!

Spell of Play One of the Hottest Young Game Developers in Sweden

We have just been listed as one of the 15 hottest young game development companies in Sweden by Metro Teknik. In all of our humbleness we can just agree on our supreme hotness Eye-wink

You can read the full article and take a look at some other fine Swedish indie developers in the list here.

hUb Updated Fixing Minor Login Snags

hUb 1.22 has just been released as an automatic update. This is a very minor release fixing some login issues and doing some user interface enhancements.

  • You will now be correctly remembered if you decide to logout and login during the same session
  • You can now login multiple times during the same session.
  • Some login user interface widgets are grayed out during login procedures

As usual this update is automatically applied when you start hUb.


Finally a working editor

Hero iteration 4 progressHero iteration 4 progressI spent most of the day working on the level editor for Hero, now you can position Enemies in the dungeons. Now I need to be able to place crates, they are totally random now... And maybe decorate the dungeons with some destructible furniture... I kind of like the idea that you hack yourself through obstacles...

Iteration 4, dungeon with outdoors starting locationIteration 4, dungeon with outdoors starting location

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