About Spell of Play Studios

We develop and publish pc games for cult, ex-hardcore and casual gamers using our own digital distribution platform; hUb. With the goal to give gamers a rich social gaming experience we focus on integrating community features in our games as well as involving our community in the actual development.

Founded in 2003 Spell of Play Studios is a collaboration between a few people interested in game development. We are dedicated to producing games in the smartest and most agile way possible. We also like to rant a lot about games, game development, code, design and life in general.

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At Spell Of Play, we love games as much as you do, and nothing makes us happier than having you play and enjoy some wacky idea that we've dreamt up. We feel that if you like our games, then that's all we need to know. We wanted to find a way to get our games into your hands quickly and with no fuss, as well as giving you a channel straight back to us to be able to let us know what rocks and what sucks.

Our business model is simple. We make games, and make them available directly to you via hUb, our light weight digital distribution system. Access to all our current and future games is a single download away. After that, everything is integrated; no more patching, no more fuss. Some games will be free, others will be limited to a trial period. If you like a game, you can buy it online via secure means.

Now here's the good part. We want to make our games available to you as soon as they're playable; no more years and years of development before you can get your hands on our stuff. At that point, you can "buy in" for the low price of the first iteration, giving you unlimited access to the current and all future versions. As the game evolves and gets bigger in scope and quality, the price will increase for new users, but if you've already paid there is no additional cost. Think of it as our thanks to you for supporting what we do.


Sure, we're game designers, but that doesn't mean that we always know best. We have found in the past that real gamers playing our games and giving us feedback is the best way to improve the design of a game. Also, this isn't a one time occurrence; we believe that the natural state of a game is continual testing and improvement, through play-feedback cycles.

That's where we need your help. We believe in collaborative game design, and that the best designs are achieved through an active dialog between the developer and the customer. So play our games, and let us know what you think about the current state of the game via our online forums, giving us a chance to make them even better. And because of hUb's auto-updating features, we can get the new versions out to you just as easy as pie and as fast as we can.


We are pretty unconventional regarding a lot of things but security is not one of them. We will never ever sell or give away any of your personal information.

All transactions are handled via BMT Micro that have highly trusted secure servers.

The Team

Johannes 'johno' Norneby: Delivering honky music and lots of code. Likes to shoot creeps and play the guitar.

Tobias 'hObbE' Olsson: The big boss, taking care of business and coding.

Daniel 'dntoll' Toll: Code monkey number one! Lives to code, codes to live? Who knows...

Mikael 'Spjelk' Spjelkavik: Extremely talented and hardworking 2D and 3D artist.


Contact us for any reason using our contact form.

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