Night of the Hatchet


I've had my kids over the week while their mother have been on a thing called "The medeval Week".
I have'nt been able to work so much on PQ over these days, need to concentrate while doing that.
But I have been working alright.

Been going back to the roots and started working with some pure pixel graphics.
This have made me start on a small game project named "Night of the Hatchet".
This will be a oldschool sidescrolling shoot'em up with Zombies as the main foe.

I have made a couple of sprites at this moment, and started working on the tiles for the first map.
I've also made a neat little design doc using the new MS Journal that comes with Vista, Works great! Like a live notebook on your comp!

Anyway, here's some graphics for you that I've managed to put together so far.

Mockup Screen

Main foe - Zombie Laughing out loud

This is you!

This one is just cute hehehe

More updates will come in the future...

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Sweet! Really like the night time mood of the pic and the name rocks!

The walkcycle for the main character is a bit stiff though.. looks as if his legs move a bit too much forward and he should also be bobbing a bit. But I guess it's a work in progress Smiling

The bat looks awesome, would be cool if this was the players companion and not an enemy.

Let's make the games we dream of playing

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Tnx boss! Really like the

Tnx boss! Really like the idea of havin' the bat as a companion, just like the fairies are for Link in Zelda! =D Accually think I'll do just like that hehe

Yeah, the walkcycle is going to get some improvements, been sitting at a pixel community lately and getting great feed from the pro's =)

hehe yeah this will defenatly be a game that I have dreamed of playing! And I hope it'll be appriciated by more people than me as well, great to get it out here at SoP and get the team feed! =D

// Gridur

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