Project L and TV Interview

A long time since I updated my blog now (wonder how many blog posts around the web starts with those exact words Sticking out tongue), though I've not been on the lazy side of things.

Since we recently got awarded as one of the 15 hottest young game developers in Sweden things have definitely amped up. I even got to do an interview for a local TV4 news network and Swedish Radio Kalmar. Great fun, a proof that we're on the right track and a true inspiration to move on, to do even better games!

The week before the award we also decided to connect with more game developers and creative people and host the very first SoPCON. This will be an exiting event for all of us!

On the development side of things Daniel's Hero is progressing nicely and I really think this will be a kick ass game. I definitely love that he's doing the game of his dreams and with the help of you guys this will game will shine! So go give some feedback on Hero!

The few spare moments I've got to do some coding myself I've managed to fix some issues in hUb, maintain and update the site and start a new game project with the working and secretive title "Project L". I'll tease you guys with a screen shot, but there is not much I can say about the project yet so let the speculations begin Eye-wink

what is that...what is that...

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Reminds me a little of

Reminds me a little of MineCraft! Speculations, speculations hm.... You are a robot statue, that walks around, painting all the cubes Grey! Am i right? (Hope not, lol).

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Oh man I love that little

Oh man I love that little robo-dude!

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I think i know! You are

I think i know! You are actually building stuff! Like that robot dude! You are picking some "cube-like areas", raising them, moving cubes, and making objects with it! Am i right? Laughing out loud

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Oh! Great to get some

Oh! Great to get some comments guys!

@zapakitul nope... not correct yet. Though I like the idea of construction... Smiling

Also this is an ultra early WIP so it's really hard to draw any conclusions from it Sticking out tongue

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Hm... how about you are

Hm... how about you are actually moving that Robot one square at a time! That is why you have that "square" selection thingy Laughing out loud

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Back from short midsummer

Back from short midsummer vacation; was cool good weather for a change Smiling

@zapakitul could be cool, though I'm more of a direct steering kind of guy Smiling

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Well I ain't giving up! ..

Well I ain't giving up! .. ok can you give us some hits? xD

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I get a feeling when looking at this that you are experimenting with generated geometry. Nut I can't say for sure. Is this what has(will) become of AWorld?

There's no kill like an overkill!

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