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Project L Iteration 2 Teaser Screenshot

I'm working hard on getting iteration 2 of Project L out the door tomorrow Smiling There has been a lot of focus on the level editing abilites and I think I've got quite a lot done and you can really give the levels a lot of love Smiling

There are of course tons of optimizations and beautifications to be made but right now I'm mostly bracing for release!

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Project L Iteration 2 Epic Fail

Well... maybe not so epic Sticking out tongue As you might know I'm working on a new game; Project L, of which iteration 2 was supposed to be released today. And it's not... Usually I'm quite adamant about releasing like clock work. I think it's of utmost importance to get into the habit of regular releases and to downscale the release if time is running out rather than postpone it. All in the true spirit of iterative development.

However, sometimes the shit hits the fan so hard you can't do much but take cover...

This week has been such a week for me and my family. Tina (my wife) is down and out in a nasty viral throat infection making it near impossible for her to both eat, drink and speak. For the second time this week we went to the doctors today (first time we got the standard antibiotic (i.e. lets test if it's bacterial), and got sent to the hospital. They checked her up quite thoroughly for a few hours and actually wanted to make her stay over night to get properly hydrated again. However, after some special painkillers she managed to get some fluids down and we finally got sent home.

The only thing we can do now actually is wait for it to get better, and hope that no one else in the family catches it too. A big bummer is that we where supposed to go for a one week vacation in Denmark tomorrow, but that is of course simply out of the question...

Anyway, the release will be made as soon as I get my energy back and get some time to make it happen...

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Project L Platforming Iteration 1 Relased

The first iteration of my new game project has seen the public light on hUb! So why are you still here? Go play it now!

Oh you kept on reading did ya? Well then I might as well tell you a little bit more. The name "Project L" is very much a working title. I definitely suck at game names (T.W.T.P.B. anyone...) so I'll wait for a while before nailing something down.

Also, it's not much of a game right now... mostly a set of controls and some world collision. Can you make it to the top? Actually.... what is the top... up is so relative from here Eye-wink

Anyway, the project (L) has officially started and I'm looking forward to your ideas, suggestions, impressions, comments, bug reports and what not! Remember you can be part of this game by contributing and feeding me!

I plan on continuing with 2 week iterations that works so well (for me) so there will be another release sooner than you think!

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World Of Goo Review

If you've missed out on indie game World of Goo, your in for a treat, you can get the full version for a mere $6.99 which is an absolute steal for that game.

World of Goo is a stylish, physics based puzzle game where you use globs of goo to build structures like bridges, towers and the likes to reach the exit. On top of this there is a really cool storyline, excellent controls, stylish graphics and awesome music. To tell you the truth, games don't come much better than this Sticking out tongue

So what are you waiting for? Go download World of Goo and give it a shot! You get a 60 min free trial and if that's not enough to get you hooked I don't know what will Sticking out tongue

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Post SoPCON Thoughts

Since SoPCON 1 I've been really busy with vacation (also know as try to paint your house) and some small side projects. Things are soon back to normal though as I'm headed back to the university next week.

SoPCON 1 came and went all to fast. It was really awesome to meet both new and old friends and I'm still super inspired by all the great feedback on hUb, our approach to development and the games. Amazing when you think about it that people actually come to spent their precious free weekend time to be creative and develop stuff. Kudos to you guys! There will definitely be a next time in some form or another!

While the first SoPCON was much a test, a free range of exploring, socializing and being creative. Possibly the next one will be somewhat more organized possibly with some workshops, compos or something to steer the event a bit more.

I personally did two bad things, first I did not make a game release. This bummed me out for a bit but since I'm really inspired now I've worked some on it and hope to make a release next week. Also my brain was quite fried Sunday afternoon so in retrospect it was not that strange that the coding did not come together as I wanted it to. The second bad decision I did was to drive home right after SoPCON, it's a 400 km drive and considering my lack of focus and being really mentally tired I'm happy that all went well.

Next time I'm definitely taking a good nights sleep before thinking about driving.

Anyway, I've got tons of inspiration, feedback and I'm itching to get a new game out there so less of the blogging and more of the coding! Eye-wink

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Project L and TV Interview

A long time since I updated my blog now (wonder how many blog posts around the web starts with those exact words Sticking out tongue), though I've not been on the lazy side of things.

Since we recently got awarded as one of the 15 hottest young game developers in Sweden things have definitely amped up. I even got to do an interview for a local TV4 news network and Swedish Radio Kalmar. Great fun, a proof that we're on the right track and a true inspiration to move on, to do even better games!

The week before the award we also decided to connect with more game developers and creative people and host the very first SoPCON. This will be an exiting event for all of us!

On the development side of things Daniel's Hero is progressing nicely and I really think this will be a kick ass game. I definitely love that he's doing the game of his dreams and with the help of you guys this will game will shine! So go give some feedback on Hero!

The few spare moments I've got to do some coding myself I've managed to fix some issues in hUb, maintain and update the site and start a new game project with the working and secretive title "Project L". I'll tease you guys with a screen shot, but there is not much I can say about the project yet so let the speculations begin Eye-wink

what is that...what is that...

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Cactus GDC 09 Presentation

In Sweden we have a lot of great indie developers. One of them is Cactus or Jonatan Söderström, he is an extremely productive developer that has managed to ship more titles than most have fingers and toes. He has a really cool style that reminds me of the weirder parts of Monty Python.

You can find out more about him at Cactus Software

Cactus was one of the speakers of GDC/IGS 09 and you find his talk about Rapid Game Development below. Many interesting ideas, tips and concepts!

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