Band problems

UP ( has had a rough couple of months...

It started with Per Stenbeck, our old basist, leaving to "grow up" in Australia. This was tough, as he was a really great contribution to the band, both socially and musically.

Next, it took a while to find a new bass player. After a few false starts we finally settled on Anders "Boom" Skantze, an bassist with both studio and live experience. However, Anders suffers from chronic reumatism, and recently his doctors discovered that the medication he was on was causing liver damage. The result was that they stopped all medication, and Anders has been down for the count for a couple of weeks now.

This is really frustrating, as Anders is the 4th bassist in under a year, and I'm personally getting really tired of hanging around in the rehearsal room trying to help people learn the same old stuff.

I never envisioned having a band to be so much of a people management job...

Also, our new promo recently got totally flamed in Göteborgs-Posten Demo. That sucked. Head over to and check it out for yourself (at the top of the Media section).

Anyway, I'm trying to keep my spirits up, and have been working hard on new songs. These will soon be on the website as well.

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Keep it up!

Rheumatism sucks big time! Hope he gets better soon! I think your promo kicks ass. Keep it up!

As I have discovered more and more that people skills are essential whatever you do (almost), which can be a bit frustrating since I'm a quite logical/techy guy.

I often ask myself if I really should be learning more tech stuff or if I should focus more on the softer aspects...

Technical problems is seldom the show stopper, people problems often are...

Wonder if there are any good books/sites about these sorts of things...

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