How things have been going

Hello all,

Since my last blog post a lot of things have changed in my life. First of all I have started my own business with everything that entails. I have been doing consultancy, planning a course in multiplayer game programming which I will be holding in August, working on my book, and of course working on all my numerous game and music projects.

Also, I have moved in with my girlfriend Madeleine, which has worked out great. I think the only problem with this might be that I need to consciously exercise more, because it isn't far from the bedroom to my computer (yes I work at home)... Smiling

Concerning SoP related stuff, I have today updated AstroCreeps and UfoPilot2, check out the news for details on that. I am very interested in getting some sort of multiplayer game out on hUb as soon as possible; I have been doing some testing with Daniel Toll which are promising, but I also feel that I need to get my feet seriously wet in the world of 3d games, so I think that this game (whatever it turns out to be) will be a 3d game.

Watch this space for progress...


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