WCar -> MindArk

I officially quit my job at WCar last friday, and will be starting at MindArk week 2 of 2008.

I have only been at WCar since the end of August, but I have felt for a while now that I need something more creative. For me it seems that when it comes to programming, all paths lead to games, which are the real reason I started coding in the first place.

I find MindArk's product Entropia Universe quite fascinating, and like the fact that it is a working game that is already "in production". I hope this focus on maintaining the software will lend some sanity to what is "still a game company".

Of course, there is probably lots of unforseen stuff to tackle Smiling

All in all WCar has been a good learning experience, and I feel that I have far more insight into the inner workings of web stuff, which will be useful going forward.

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Games are the shit!

Good luck with the new gig! Hope you get outlet for your crativity!

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