What's been going on...

The ESC thing fell thru, but I did perform it live at Jazzå in Gothenburg a few weeks ago. That was lots of fun, and the audience seemed to love it. Big thanks to Mad and Ina for great backing vocals! Smiling

This last monday my long lost Per Stenbeck was in town, and we jammed some of my songs completely sans rehearsal at Jazzå to great effect. Per is just such an amazing personality and musician!

I've been at MindArk now for about 2 months, and frankly I'm not all that impressed. I can't say a whole lot about the job due to NDA issues, but it's not very challenging, and I find myself very bored a lot of the time.

In the meantime all my thoughts are focused on all the projects that I want to do but really don't have the time for lately. Something's gonna have to give soon...

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Hello johno!

Long time no see!
Got linked here from gamedev. I saw the new column that you write with hobbe. I am working on similar things where I am now, and it would be nice if we could cooperate. Give me a call or send me an e-mail!


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