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Discuss the game Hero here!
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Discuss the game Sentry here.
Last Post: Ok! 5 years 35 weeks ago by johno
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The forum for T.W.T.P.B., a stylized retro arcade shoot 'em up game with tons of action and strategic elements.
Last Post: Well this thread has gone 5 years 46 weeks ago by washout
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Discussions and comments regarding the platform game Bloom
Last Post: Nice 4 years 3 weeks ago by Tabu
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Discuss the game Sense: Survival Prelude here.
Last Post: thanks. i've noticed too. 4 years 43 weeks ago by SolidBenny
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Post feedback here
Last Post: hehe, video game archaeology 5 years 44 weeks ago by washout
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Here you can post feedback, or if you have a suggestion on how to make the game better!
Last Post: hmm yeah maybe your code 6 years 39 weeks ago by SolidBenny
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Help us improve Mini golf worlds! Post feedback here!
Last Post: The mini golf game I modeled 5 years 46 weeks ago by dntoll
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Discuss Cthulhu Breaker here.
Last Post: Iä Iä! 4 years 44 weeks ago by Gridur
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Discuss the Hub game distribution platform here.
Last Post: hmm ok. well he also ran 5 years 5 weeks ago by SolidBenny
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Discussions regarding the SoPCON event.
Last Post: Swedish / English 4 years 7 weeks ago by johno
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Questions and discussions regarding our t-shirts or other merchandise.
Last Post: 15% Merchandise Discount 5 years 34 weeks ago by hObbE
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Something missing in the site? Got a suggestion on some new nifty design? Suggestions regarding new categories, forums, themes and such? Any site problems or malfunctions? Post your ideas, suggestions and problems here!
Last Post: Twitter Sign In 4 years 47 weeks ago by hObbE
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We need your help in promoting our games and our site. Here is the place where you can read about how you can contribute and brag about what you have done!
Last Post: Yay! 5 years 50 weeks ago by hObbE
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Here you can discuss anything related to games and gaming.
Last Post: Great game idea! 3 years 41 weeks ago by Anonymous
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Who are you and why do you love games? Let our other forum members know who you are.
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Anything and everything that does not fit into our other forums.
Last Post: Summer Code Camp 2011 3 years 39 weeks ago by Trikisatan
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Discussions regarding the University of Kalmar Gaming organization
Last Post: Information angående ... 7 years 7 weeks ago by hObbE
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Interested in game development, got a problem in your project? This is the place to ask development and project related questions.
Last Post: Memories 5 years 9 weeks ago by Malice
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Discuss the game link it here!!!
Last Post: New link it! 7 years 21 weeks ago by washout
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Here you can post positvie or negative feedback and discuss new features or ideas regarding our Minigolf game. This information will be fed directly to the development team.
Last Post: Forum Moved 6 years 24 weeks ago by hObbE
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AWorld is a 3d platform game. You can discuss it here.
Last Post: Iteration 1 7 years 44 weeks ago by hObbE
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