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First of all, let me tell you that, I'm a big fan of RoadClub.
I'm playing it all the time to get rid of the daily stress and it really helps.

I bought RoadClub ~1.5 years before. I installed it with Spell of Play HUB. Since then I had no issues at all. My experience was so swift that I had never have to remember my user ID and unlock code for RoadClub since.

Now, I had to format my laptop. Can you please provide my ID and Unlock code for RoadClub. I will install it on same laptop and same operating system with same settings (system image backup). So, I believe my previous user ID and user key can still be used.

Here is my information

Name: Mehmet Can UNEY
HUB user name: stonegolem

my possible registration e-mails for RoadClub:

Here is a BMT Micro, Inc. purchase information that I kept (sorry if it's not related)
PayPal order ID: 4291482
transaction ID: 13L66290568174242
Jan. 4, 2010

Please send required information to the registered e-mail.
Thank you.

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Info sent to your hotmail

Info sent to your hotmail adress Smiling

I've been prondering adding some online storage of registration keys so you can pull them directly from hUb or you accounts page in the event that you loose it or someting like that.

Anyways, glad you enjoy Roadclub!

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Quick thank you!

Hello, noticed this a bit late, but as one of the designers of Roadclub stonegolems post really made my year. Thank you for playing!

I hope hobbe helped you get the keys sorted!

Solid Core Entertainment
Developer of Roadclub and Sense: Survival Prelude (Developer blog)

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