Puzzle Game - Caribbean Pirate Quest

Caribbean Pirate Quest, Adventure Puzzle Game

Caribbean Pirate Quest

Take your parrot and your peg leg and go treasure hunting in this challenging and humorous adventure puzzle game!

Based on the classic match three puzzle game mechanic Caribbean Pirate Quest adds another layer of skill, you must use clues to navigate your pirate ship on several different maps. Make too many mistakes and your crew will throw you to the sharks!

Game Features

  • Play for relaxation or online competition in three game modes.
  • Search for ten legendary treasures.
  • Earn upgrades for your ship to help you in your quest.
  • Explore five different treasure maps, with varying environments.
  • Find the Pirate Towns and refill your supply of grog to keep your crew happy.
  • Multiple languages; English, Spanish, French and Swedish
  • Hours of fun! Try the game for free!

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