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Game Prices Slashed

Stuff has been really slow here lately... but lets kick start things by slashing game prices Smiling All games are now $4.95, and If you are really smart you get the Arcade Game Pack with three games for $9.95.


Holiday Game Discount

Christmas is here again and at Spell of Play we'd like to wish you and your dear ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And what better way to celebrate than a massive 50% discount on all our games!

SoPCON 1 movie

Hello all!

SoPCON 1, our first ever indie-dev-meet was back in July, but we've finally managed to get our lazy asses in gear and post a little movie from the event.

If you're curious to know how the whole SoP thing got started, and / or if you're an indie developer who is interested in getting your games on hUb, check out the movie!

SoPCON 1 Live

Wooot! SoPCON 1 has started (well just barely...) and we even got the live streaming up and running! Feel free to join the SoPCON 1 stream and chat over at bambuser!

SoPCON Day 2 Live Stream

SoPCON Day 1 Stream

Update: Awwwh... SoPCON 1 day 1 is coming to an end! Thanks for all the great comments on the chat! See you all tomorrow! And don't forget to check out the two new game releases on hUb Laughing out loud


As every game developer with self respect has their own conference we're happy to announce SoPCON 1!

Spell of Play Studios has been active as an indie game studio since 2004 and using our own digital distribution platform hUb and our unique view on game development we have slowly but surely built a vibrant community of gamers and developers.

We now want more developers and partners to join us to increase the breadth and quality of the games released on hUb.

SoPCON 1 is the place to meet us and other developers for some gaming, jamming and ranting.

When and Where

Gothenburg, Sweden, 11-12 July 2009.


A limited number of invitations have been sent out to a select few developers. If you have not got one you are free to contact us at;, and tell us who you are.


No, though you have to arrange your own meals and accommodation.

More Info

Contact us at or make a post in the SoPCON forum


Would you like your company exposed on SoPCON? Feel free to contact us for any marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities.

Spell of Play One of the Hottest Young Game Developers in Sweden

We have just been listed as one of the 15 hottest young game development companies in Sweden by Metro Teknik. In all of our humbleness we can just agree on our supreme hotness Eye-wink

You can read the full article and take a look at some other fine Swedish indie developers in the list here.

DreamHack Summer 2008

Spell of Play Studios will host a daily T.W.T.P.B. contest in collaboration with the University of Kalmar at DreamHack Summer 2008!

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