Spell of Play News

Finally! New release of Hero!

I´m happy to announce that the third iteration of Hero have been released on hUb! I have worked hard on Hero during the two weeks and here are some of the news in Hero iteration 3.

  • New item graphics thanks to Gridur
  • First mini quest introduced (very simple)
  • Lighting in dungeons have been improved
  • Towns, Temples and forts are reintroduced
  • New map with a few dungeons
  • First aid skill
  • New experience system
  • Higher dungeon walls (thank you johno for pointing this out)
  • Enemies and crates behind walls shows outlined
  • Quest dialogues
  • better enemy selection feedback

Thank you all for your feedback and support!

Co-Op Twitter Contest with Rad on the Web

Update: Contest is now closed and the winners will soon be announced!

Update 2: This contest is open for people from all countries.

We're hosting a Twitter contest together with Mevio web show Rad on the Web You can win some awesome prices like our t-shirts and games!

The contest has started! Watch the episode and follow the instructions and win win win!

Contest entrants will be listed here and the winners will be announced on Monday!

And now for the few rules.

  • Watch the above episode for info on how to enter the contest.
  • Twitter user names will be listed on this page and will be the official list of contest entrants.
  • On monday (may 25) we'll randomly select 10 winners, 5 will win a game license for a game of their choice, 5 will win a Spell of Play t-shirt with a motif of their choice.
  • Winners will be posted on this page, and notified via @-message on twitter.
  • Winners must respond with sufficient contact details within 24h upon notification. If you win a game an email address is sufficient, if you win a t-shirt we'll need an address to ship it to.
  • There are no restrictions on where you're from (as long as we can ship a t-shirt to you if you win at reasonable cost)

T.W.T.P.B. for Eee PC

An update to the shoot em up game T.W.T.P.B. has just been released. The update fixes compatibility issues on low end Intel based graphics cards. T.W.T.P.B. should now work without problems on low end pc's like the Eee PC that are based on the Intel 915GM GPU architecture.

This update is automatically downloaded and installed by hUb. Feel free to make any comments in our T.W.T.P.B. forum


Categories in hUb

An update to hUb has just been released introducing game categories. As the number of games on hUb continues to grow we felt it was necessary to start some form filtering to enhance the user experience and you can now select the what categories of games you want to display. This update also fixes an issue with the DirectX installation procedures and you should be correctly prompted on Vista when you install DirectX.

This update is automatically applied when launching hUb.

Enjoy and feel free to post any comments in the hUb forum

Tweet the Games You Play

The Spell of Play Twitter application Game Twtr just got the first real feature. If enabled hUb will tweet the games you play on your Twitter time line!

This is all controlled on your profile page under the Twitter settings. There you can first connect to your Twitter account using safe OAuth and then enable the game tweets.

A great way of letting your followers know what games you play!

They Want Their Planet Back

Shoot em up game T.W.T.P.B. iteration 30 has just been released on hUb. This release is exclusively available for download on hUb and the support for installer and zip version will probably be discontinued.

In this update the acronym for T.W.T.P.B. is finally officially revealed as "They Want Their Planet Back". The secret has been out for a while in our forum and it was about time we made it official.

The update also increases the life support to 5 lives in demo mode and support for custom resolution and reworked resolution menu options, support for swapped mouse buttons as well as some other minor fixes.


RoadClub Stability Update

Top-Down Racing Game - Roadclub has just been updated. This update is automatically installed via hUb at your convenience. This update includes:

  • Completely rewrote task switching handling for more stable alt-tab switching and windowed/full screen mode switching (found in options->graphics from the main menu)
  • Improved windowed mode mouse handling and added support for all system buttons (minimize, maximize, close)
  • For advanced users: Experimental alpha support for custom resolutions (set the desired resolution in /Data/SolidEngine.ini using the resolutionX and resolutionY parameters). Some minor bugs are known, but it shouldn't crash.


Bloom Final Version Released for Download

Run, jump, and collect as many flowers as you can in your quest to reach the exit!

Spell of Play Studios are proud to announce the final version of Bloom a colorful, fun platforming game. Bloom has been available for as pc demo download for some time, and has now evolved into a full game. Game download exclusively via hUb

To celebrate this release were having a game discount bonanza!

Bloom Game Launch Discount!

As a time limited bonus we're offering a 60% discount and you only pay $5.98 for the full version! Note that this sweet deal is only available for a short limited period, so grab your full version while it's hot!

Astro-Creeps Weekend Discount!

And to top things off you get a 50% discount and you only pay $4.97 for the full version of Astrocreeps! Starting now and lasting over the weekend.

You get two great games for $10.95! We hope you'll enjoy these games!

hUb Remembers You

An update to hUb was just released. This release includes the ability for hUb to remember your login credentials, or if you prefer to play anonymously, and go directly to the game list when you start hUb the next time. There are also some other improvements to the login dialog. The problem on vista where the window border was not properly drawn after exiting a game has also been fixed.

This update is automatically installed the next time your run hUb.

Support for Swapped Mouse in hUb

hUb version 1.21 was just released as an automatic update. It adds support for users that use swapped mouse buttons. Security has also been enhanced using md5 hashing for passwords sent over the network. This release also prepares for tweeting the games you start using hUb.

Please report any errors or anomalies in our hUb forum