Spell of Play News

Twitter Integration Beta

We have just rolled out our Twitter integration module. Now community members can hook up their Spell of Play accounts with their Twitter accounts using the Spell of Play Game Twtr application.

The general idea is to let our community members easily supply their gaming profile here at Spell of Play with information from their Twitter profile. There will also be options to tweet your activity in the community and the games you play. A great way to let your friends know what you are doing!

Feel free to suggest features, ask for help, or anything else in our twitter forum where there also is a simple guide on how to set up your connection.


Final Version of Astrocreeps released

Blast the evil Astro-Creeps to oblivion for a place on the highscore list!

Spell of Play Studios are proud to announce the final version of UfoPilot: Astro-Creeps. The game has been available for as pc demo download for some time, and has now evolved into a full game. Game download exclusively via hUb

To top things off you currently get a 50% discount and only pay $4.97 for the full version!

Game Features

  • Simple yet deceptively deep gameplay!
  • Multiple powerups and tactics!
  • Global highscore lists!
  • Retro gaming as it should be!

Mini golf update

Hurray, its Friday and a new version of Mini golf Worlds has been released on the hUb.

The new version features:

  • A full course of 9 new levels called "Splashy waters". That makes a total of 14 fun courses of nine holes each.
  • A between holes mouse click removed, thank you hObbE for the suggestion.
  • Reworked user interface for challenge history.

And remember to compete in the March contest, only 4 days left.

AI Difficulty Setting in Roadclub

Our top-down racing game has just been updated with two new features: You now get to adjust the difficulty of the computer opponent drivers and you have the option to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

This update is automatically downloaded and installed via hUb when you select to play Roadclub.


New contest in Mini Golf Worlds

A new release of Mini golf Worlds is available on hUb.

The new release features an updated user interface, support for screen resolutions and a new contest.

So practice on level 7 and participate in the "Masters of Miniature Golf" contest!

Tip: If you upload an avatar picture on your user profile here on spellofplay.com you get that image on your avatar in Mini Golf Worlds too.

DirectX November 2008 Update on hUb

We're rolling out the newest version of DirecX on hUb. This is to ensure that all coming game releases will work properly, and that you get the absolute best performance when gaming.

The version of DirectX we're redistributing requires Windows XP with service pack 2 to be installed. If you experience any problems please refer to the Microsoft Direct X download

New contests and levels in Mini Golf Worlds

A new version of Mini golf Worlds was released today! the new version contains a bug fix enabling people to start NerdlyNerd´s course of nine new levels. Great work on those levels!

The new version also features two new contests, the first one starts today and lasts for 14 days, it is played on the course "Easy Peasy". The other one is the monthly contest for April. So practice hard on those levels before you start the contest. Remember you cannot restart a contest!

I am happy to announce that RomarioOne is the first Spell of Play community member achieving five achievement stars in Mini golf Worlds!

PC Arcade Game Pack Released

We're proud to announce the release of our first arcade pack! You get three of our best pc arcade games to one low price!

PC Shoot Em Up Game T.W.T.P.B. T.W.T.P.B. $19.95
PC Arcade Game Ufo Pilot 2 The Phadt Menace $19.95
PC Top-Down Racing Game Roadclub Roadclub $19.95
    Individual Price  $59.85
    Game Pack Price  $34.95

All these great arcade action games for just 34.95, the individual game price is almost $60 so you save massively, and get the full version of all three games!

Add to Cart
get all three games for $34.95

Put Games In Our Brand New Shopping Cart

We've just implemented our very own shopping cart specially tailored for our games and site look and feel.

We think that this will give you a better experience and also not miss any of our sweet game deals.

Feel free to test it out, any comments ideas or suggestions are welcome! Smiling

UfoPilot 2 : The Phadt Menace Final Release

Battle the evil Phadt Armada in your quest to rescue the imprisoned pilots of StarFleet!

Spell of Play Studios are proud to announce the final version of UfoPilot2: The Phadt Menace. The game has been available for as pc demo download for some time, and has now evolved into a full game. Download game demo exclusively via hUb and enjoy these features:

  • Fly, shoot, an rescue in varied alien environments!
  • Three unique game modes; Classic, Time Attack and Arcade
  • Online highscores
  • Original soundtrack