Space Beast Terror Fright got Green Lit

Long time friends over at Nornware just got their latest game Space Beast Terror Fright (awesome name btw) green lit over at Steam!

Huge achivement! Congrats!

You should definitely check it out!

Mutant Gangland Alpha Release

You should definitely check out Mutant Gangland created by SoP member zapakitul!

"It's the distant future, Gangs of mutants and robots fight each other over city blocks and turfs. Every mutant and robot with their own price and power gets mixed up in the fight where having houses means having money. This is the harsh reality of Mutant Gangland. The world's only official turn-based-future-turf-war simulator."

Download Mutant Gangland

Game Prices Slashed

Stuff has been really slow here lately... but lets kick start things by slashing game prices Smiling All games are now $4.95, and If you are really smart you get the Arcade Game Pack with three games for $9.95.


Holiday Game Discount

Christmas is here again and at Spell of Play we'd like to wish you and your dear ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And what better way to celebrate than a massive 50% discount on all our games!

Spam Onslaught

Due to a massive amount of spam lately created by fake users all new accounts must be approved by an administrator before they can be used. We hope that this will stop the onslaught and that we then can remove this restriction.

As a side note if you are caught spamming the boards your account will immediately be blocked and suspended.

We do apologize for the inconvenience for our regular and legitimate users.

New Site Design

We're updating the design of the site a bit right now. If you find anything wonky or strange please let us know.

It would also be cool to know what you think of this change?

The plan is to simplify the design a bit and then rework the community from scratch.

SoPCON 1 movie

Hello all!

SoPCON 1, our first ever indie-dev-meet was back in July, but we've finally managed to get our lazy asses in gear and post a little movie from the event.

If you're curious to know how the whole SoP thing got started, and / or if you're an indie developer who is interested in getting your games on hUb, check out the movie!

SoPCON 1 wrap-up

Hello all!

At about 16:45 (GMT + 1) today our rented WLAN broke, and we took that as a sign to start wrapping up Spell of Play CONference 1.

The event was a big success, seeing the release of a Iteration 6 of Hero as well as the launch of the new game Sentry. Big thank-you's go out to everyone who turned up both digitally and IRL!

You can see the quite lengthy and sometimes quite silly live streams from both days over at Bambuser.

Expect photos soon as well as an informative video about the event that will be posted we can get it edited!

Again, thanks so much to everyone for their support, and hope to see you all next time!

SoPCON 1 Live

Wooot! SoPCON 1 has started (well just barely...) and we even got the live streaming up and running! Feel free to join the SoPCON 1 stream and chat over at bambuser!

SoPCON Day 2 Live Stream

SoPCON Day 1 Stream

Update: Awwwh... SoPCON 1 day 1 is coming to an end! Thanks for all the great comments on the chat! See you all tomorrow! And don't forget to check out the two new game releases on hUb Laughing out loud


As every game developer with self respect has their own conference we're happy to announce SoPCON 1!

Spell of Play Studios has been active as an indie game studio since 2004 and using our own digital distribution platform hUb and our unique view on game development we have slowly but surely built a vibrant community of gamers and developers.

We now want more developers and partners to join us to increase the breadth and quality of the games released on hUb.

SoPCON 1 is the place to meet us and other developers for some gaming, jamming and ranting.

When and Where

Gothenburg, Sweden, 11-12 July 2009.


A limited number of invitations have been sent out to a select few developers. If you have not got one you are free to contact us at;, and tell us who you are.


No, though you have to arrange your own meals and accommodation.

More Info

Contact us at or make a post in the SoPCON forum


Would you like your company exposed on SoPCON? Feel free to contact us for any marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities.

Spell of Play One of the Hottest Young Game Developers in Sweden

We have just been listed as one of the 15 hottest young game development companies in Sweden by Metro Teknik. In all of our humbleness we can just agree on our supreme hotness Eye-wink

You can read the full article and take a look at some other fine Swedish indie developers in the list here.

Co-Op Twitter Contest with Rad on the Web

Update: Contest is now closed and the winners will soon be announced!

Update 2: This contest is open for people from all countries.

We're hosting a Twitter contest together with Mevio web show Rad on the Web You can win some awesome prices like our t-shirts and games!

The contest has started! Watch the episode and follow the instructions and win win win!

Contest entrants will be listed here and the winners will be announced on Monday!

And now for the few rules.

  • Watch the above episode for info on how to enter the contest.
  • Twitter user names will be listed on this page and will be the official list of contest entrants.
  • On monday (may 25) we'll randomly select 10 winners, 5 will win a game license for a game of their choice, 5 will win a Spell of Play t-shirt with a motif of their choice.
  • Winners will be posted on this page, and notified via @-message on twitter.
  • Winners must respond with sufficient contact details within 24h upon notification. If you win a game an email address is sufficient, if you win a t-shirt we'll need an address to ship it to.
  • There are no restrictions on where you're from (as long as we can ship a t-shirt to you if you win at reasonable cost)

Tweet the Games You Play

The Spell of Play Twitter application Game Twtr just got the first real feature. If enabled hUb will tweet the games you play on your Twitter time line!

This is all controlled on your profile page under the Twitter settings. There you can first connect to your Twitter account using safe OAuth and then enable the game tweets.

A great way of letting your followers know what games you play!

Twitter Integration Beta

We have just rolled out our Twitter integration module. Now community members can hook up their Spell of Play accounts with their Twitter accounts using the Spell of Play Game Twtr application.

The general idea is to let our community members easily supply their gaming profile here at Spell of Play with information from their Twitter profile. There will also be options to tweet your activity in the community and the games you play. A great way to let your friends know what you are doing!

Feel free to suggest features, ask for help, or anything else in our twitter forum where there also is a simple guide on how to set up your connection.


Put Games In Our Brand New Shopping Cart

We've just implemented our very own shopping cart specially tailored for our games and site look and feel.

We think that this will give you a better experience and also not miss any of our sweet game deals.

Feel free to test it out, any comments ideas or suggestions are welcome! Smiling

1000+ Community Members!

We are now more than a thousand members in our gaming community! The winner of the free pc games has been contacted via mail. If you joined up during our competition be sure you check your mailbox!

Win T.W.T.P.B. and Caribbean Pirate Quest

We are enclosing 1000 community members Laughing out loud and member 1000 will receive a free copy of both our award winning shoot em up game T.W.T.P.B. and our humorous and relaxing puzzle game Caribbean Pirate Quest!

So sign up to our free gaming community now if you are not already a member!

We will let you know who the winner is after the holidays!

We'd also like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

hUb server online

The server is back online with better capacity, so you might even experience faster access to the games.


Order Processing Problems Resolved

BMT Micro promptly fixed the problems as soon as they got word about it. Everything should work now.

We have fixed the order fulfillment problems on our own pages. Links from games could still be a problem.

We have just been notified that BMT Micro have a problem fulfilling orders. BMT Micro are working on fixing the problems in our order form.

Thank you for your patience and we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

We're looking forward to having you as a customer in the near future.

Migrating to new web host

We're currently working on migrating our homepage and community to a new and better web host. This will enable the community to grow with both more users, content and features.

We're takning every possible precausion to make the transfer as smooth as possible but there is the possibility of both dataloss and downtime. So far the migration has proceeded as planned but we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause you.

New Site Front Page

We have changed the front page to focus more on news and blogs. We think that this will give a more dynamic experience. There will be a smaller area displaying some featured game(s) at the top and the whole games list has been put in a separate "Games" page available in the menu. We have also made some minor design changes making the look and feel of the site somewhat less "boxed".

We recoment a ctrl-f5 to refresh your cashed css. If you have any problems, issues or comments, feel free to use the site talkbak forum

New Profile Information

The user profiles have just been updated with a new Personal field; "Favorite TV Shows". Use it to find users that have the same taste in TV shows as you. Find both old and new gaming friends!

User Profile Updates

We have just put some effort into the user profile pages and there are a bunch of new cool features. You can for example list your favorite games and movies.

500+ Members

Today we became 500+ members in the Spell of Play Community. Now we're going for 1000!

DreamHack Summer 2008

Spell of Play Studios will host a daily T.W.T.P.B. contest in collaboration with the University of Kalmar at DreamHack Summer 2008!

Site Maintenance

We will be updating the site with new functionality and design in the coming couple of days. We hope that this will be a smooth process but there will probably be some bumps.

Group Highscores

Both minigolf and T.W.T.P.B now has support for group highscores! Login with your username in hUb and play, and your highscore will be connected to your online user!

hUb Server Trouble

We are experiencing some hUb server downtime at the moment. We are working on resolving this problem as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Site Design and Community

As you may have discovered we are working on a brand new site design and some wicked community functionality!

We add support for groups

Spell of play studios is proud to present our new community features. Here you can create your own group and invite your friends.

Site Downtime

Unfortunately our ISP decided to make a huge database upgrade, yesterday (28 February).

New Site Frontpage

As you probably have seen we have made some changes to the look of the front page. Going for bigger game banners and less text.

Community Development Project

We are currently undertaking a project together with three web developer students from the University of Kalmar.

Site Maintenance

We made a site wide update this morning, getting everything updated to the latest versions.

20% Christmas Discount

We are offering a 20% Discount for all our community members on Pirate Quest during the hollidays.

Site Updates

We are working on updating the site to make it better and more user friendly. If you notice anything strange please try reloading the page by hitting Ctrl-F5. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Sponsorship of Eastside Gaming

Spell of Play Studios are proud to announce its sponsorship of the gaming section of the University of Kalmar. The section has the working name "Eastside Gaming" and is just starting up.

Forum Update

For some unknown reason, the forum has reported timeouts when making posts. We have now resolved the issue by disabling forum notifications.

Indie Game Dev Forum

We have added a much awaited forum about Independent Game Development.

Roadclub Released on hUb

We are pleased to announce that Solid Core Entertainment is the first third party developer to use hUb as distribution platform for their game.