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Movies and Games

I saw the movie Predator again the other day (the 'contaaaact' scene is still awesome) and I started thinking about movies and their relation to games.

When looking at the movie I realized that games are seldom as exiting, or at least not exiting in the same way. I think it has something to do with the fact that as a movie viewer you know (most of the time) more than the characters in the movie, at least the big picture. The excitement often comes from you knowing what to do, and then looking at the characters walking around rather clueless. Much time is devoted to showing how cool and awesome the antagonist is and the heroes tries to get a grip of the situation. After that it is basically just for the heroes to solve the situation (by shooting a lot).

This is something you quite seldom see in games. In games you often know quite well what to do and how to do it (it is even regarded as bad game design to leave the players confused). We have big intros and cut scenes in games setting the stage... This is something like just playing the last part of a movie, where the heroes have understood what is going on and are starting to solve the problem.

In this sense games are incredibly flat, even compared to a movie as the Predator.

It would be interesting to try to make a game of the first part of movies. I'm not really sure what this would be like, chances are that you would get so bored/confused that you turn the game off. But I sometimes react against the contemporary more or less super obvious games where you get a reward for just stepping in the right direction.

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Regular releases are good

As most of you know I'm a big fan of iterative software development, and also that I see games as a software product. I'm also quite adamant about what iterative software development is. My litmus test is that the software should be delivered to the end users regularely.

Many companies say they do iterative software development, but quite seldom they actually deliver the software to the end user for useage in their daily work (and no yourself does not count as an end user) Without this it is actually just waterfall disguised... I don't buy the "internal delivery" stuff...

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Win32 is strange...

Been a bit silent in my blog lately... been rather busy with selling our flat and such.

Anyways Toll and I have been working on a new hUb in C++ instead of python. One of the main advantages are that the download should be much smaller about 4MB instead of 20MB. Also we know C++ better than python so it should also be much more easy to add new features and maintain it in general.

My main responsibility has been to make a new user interface. Making a dublebuffered IMGui rendering via GDI was quite easy and having an IMGui approach rox!

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Night of the Hatchet


I've had my kids over the week while their mother have been on a thing called "The medeval Week".
I have'nt been able to work so much on PQ over these days, need to concentrate while doing that.
But I have been working alright.

Been going back to the roots and started working with some pure pixel graphics.
This have made me start on a small game project named "Night of the Hatchet".
This will be a oldschool sidescrolling shoot'em up with Zombies as the main foe.

I have made a couple of sprites at this moment, and started working on the tiles for the first map.

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First Boss

I'm currently working on the first boss enemy in twtpb. A boss enemy will mark the end of the stage and you have to defeat the boss to progress. In other words it works like a normal old school shooter Smiling

The boss will be made up of several smaller parts that can break up and move as individual enemies, and when they combine they will fire something more elaborate than a normal bullet. I think this can be pretty neat...

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8h Game Challenge Part II

So today I finished the challenge of coding game in eight effective hours.

The total time became 8.26h (8h and 16 min) The overrun was caused by a last minute bug that needed to be fixed. I spent 6.14h coding and 2.12h doing graphics, there is no sound. All in all there are 1067 lines of code in the project (only counting game specific files). That is ~173 loc/h. Not bad but I write quite fluffy code...

The development time was spread out on a total of 48 hours so it was not an 8h stretch. This helped since it allowed for some "off line" thinking and prioritization. However I also felt that it sometimes broke the flow of coding (since I could not always choose when to take a break). Sometimes it was quite hard to get back on track.

The game is of course simple but it is somewhat complete and I'm quite happy with the result. You can download the 8h version.

I have continued to make some improvements and you can play the latest version by downloading hub clicking "install twtpb" you probably need to scroll to the bottom of the game list.

I'm thinking of continuing this project so any feedback or suggestions are welcome. You can leave a comment int the t.w.t.p.b. forum...

A final screenie:

I'm a bit tired now, so I'll try to write something more elaborate and intelligent soon...

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8 hour game challenge

Today I put myself up for a challenge; Creating a game in eight working hours!

I'm allowing myself to use all possible sources of code (currently only our own base code), I'll make all of the graphics myself and I'll probably download sound effects (if I get the time to look at the sound stuff).

After the eight hours the game will be released on Hub.

The time can be spread out over a couple of days so it won't be an 8h stretch, mostly due to the fact that I have an eight week old baby to take care of. This can leave room to think about stuff between coding and graphics, but I won't sit down and code something else before the challenge is over.

Obviously it won't be the most advanced game ever, so I'm going for retro fun and make a shooter. You can't go wrong with a decent shooter...

So far I have spent 5.89h, and there is a lot left to do in the +2h. The most important stuff to fix is the enemy movements and bullet collisions. After that I should be pretty much playable. Screenie:

The reason for the challenge is to practice prioritization and to realize that games are not rocket science and that the actual game design is better done in practice, playing a game than on paper.

Lastly, children, if you can't make a decent shooter... don't try to make an mmorpg...

8h Game Challenge Part II

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