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Blur Beta Keys

I've been one of the lucky few to get into the XBox 360 Blur multiplayer beta and I really like the game so far. Kind of a mix between Mario Kart and Burnout. These games being two of my favorite racing titles Blur is spot on!

Anyway I just got three extra keys so grab em' while they are hot and register at



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Project L and TV Interview

A long time since I updated my blog now (wonder how many blog posts around the web starts with those exact words Sticking out tongue), though I've not been on the lazy side of things.

Since we recently got awarded as one of the 15 hottest young game developers in Sweden things have definitely amped up. I even got to do an interview for a local TV4 news network and Swedish Radio Kalmar. Great fun, a proof that we're on the right track and a true inspiration to move on, to do even better games!

The week before the award we also decided to connect with more game developers and creative people and host the very first SoPCON. This will be an exiting event for all of us!

On the development side of things Daniel's Hero is progressing nicely and I really think this will be a kick ass game. I definitely love that he's doing the game of his dreams and with the help of you guys this will game will shine! So go give some feedback on Hero!

The few spare moments I've got to do some coding myself I've managed to fix some issues in hUb, maintain and update the site and start a new game project with the working and secretive title "Project L". I'll tease you guys with a screen shot, but there is not much I can say about the project yet so let the speculations begin Eye-wink

what is that...what is that...

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Twitter Love

As some may know I've grown into quite an avid user of micro blog Twitter as of late. I really had no idea how big it was and how it would hook me in.

I'm meeting new people there every day and many of them have very positive things to say about Spell of Play, the game and about hUb. All in all a social open minded crowd that I'm happy to be part of.

You might also have noticed some increased activity on the forums etc ant that is mostly thanks to Twitter. Currently you find me hObbE as @SpellOfPlay and dntoll as @dntoll. Feel free to follow us!

Interestingly enough Twitter also has an awesome, open API to write your own Twitter Apps in. Diving into it it took me about 15 minutes to get started and an additional 15 minutes and some 80 lines of php code to get something working.

I have now added Twitter to the user profiles here at Spell of Play and the idea is that if you want to, we will Tweet your activity on this site and on hUb to your Twitter time line! An upcoming release of hUb will enable tweets of the games you start. This is pretty much in early beta format right now but I'm actually quite exited about this and I'm looking forward to trying it out more.

Feel free to post any comments and/or ideas, or just tweet me Smiling

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Blog Contest Winner

And the winner of the Got a Got a Blog? - Win a Game! blogging contest is......

Uhfgood’s Game Reviews

A personal view on games with a focus on independent games. There is a big selection of reviews in different categories and also the opportunity to comment. I really like Uhfgood's reviews, they are filled with personal references and quite fun to read. To top it off Uhfgood review games you have seldom heard of and would have a hard time to find yourself, including: To Win The Peanut Butter

Uhfgood will be receiving the free game and also be announced in the upcoming newsletter!

Thanks to all that participated.

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Blog Contest Wrap Up

The Got a Blog? - Win a Game! blog contest is over!

This is a list of the entries we got and from these a winner will be drawn. Take a moment to visit these sites!

We got 9 out of 10 slots filled, so the people who entered has a greater chance of winning. If any of the anonymous entries win, they will get the game and another winner will be drawn for the publicity.

The winner will be announced tomorrow (March 31).

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Got A Blog? - Win A Free Game!

Please observe that this contest has now ended.

Have you got a site, blog or forum (if not you could just make a squidoo lens)?
Want one of our games for free? Want to expose your blog to our 1400+ member community and ~500 daily visitors, and get permanent links?
Well look no further! Just post a blurb about Spell of Play with a relevant link*, to us and you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting the game you want!

What you write about and what you link to is entirely up to you. Could be a game review, your opinion about hUb, a blurb about this contest (the more people that enter the faster you can get your game), or just about anything Smiling

When done, just drop a mail to: (or just post a comment on it here, or DM me on Twitter), include the link to your post and the game you want (packs are not included in the compo)

When we have 10 entries, one will get the game, and the competition will start over.


There are currently: 10, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 spot left!**
Competition is open until Saturday 28th of March.

What you do

  1. Write a blurb on Spell of Play an your site and link* to us
  2. Let us know about your post (, comment directly in this post (and enjoy a link) or twitter DM)
  3. No third step, just sit tight and wait for 10 people to join (or spread the word to speed things up)

For all Participants

  • Link to your entry in this post as a comment
  • Link to your entry in a special contest roundup blog post

For the Winner

  • One full version license for one of our games, $19.95 value
  • One special winner announcement blog post, with links to both your contribution and to your site in general.
  • Special announcement in our newsletter reaching 1400+ gamers, this also generates permanent links in our newsletter archive.

You can enter multiple times (but no spamming!), the compo will be ongoing until further notice. Cool

(we reserve the right to judge the incoming contributions and select to disqualify submissions or competitors)

* A relevant link denotes a direct, search engine crawlable link to a page on the domain. The page where the link is placed should be a page that is a part of a greater whole, such as a blog article, also the page should not be a "link collection" type of page. We will not accept any spam blogs, adult, casino, warez, medical or in other ways illegal or offensive material.

** If you miss this round, you will be notified and entered in the subsequent round if you wish.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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New Games Comming Soon

I've been procrastinating making a blog post for several days now and I might just get it over with Sticking out tongue Except for my short blurb about my side project making a portal for fun casual games portal I've been awfully quite.

I've been really busy at the University of Kalmar, getting into new courses after parental leave is sure a shift in focus. Also my nice laptop died on me about a month ago, and checking back with HP support I got the message that it would probably take a good 1.5 months more to fix it Puzzled As it turns out they will probably just give me a new laptop Cool

So what is actually up at Spell of Play you might ask. Well, I've been busy as ever working a bit on updating my shmup game T.W.T.P.B. I'll probably make a release of it soon. Nothing much actually, mostly behind the scenes stuff. Marketing T.W.T.P.B. has also been a big focus.

The shift from development to marketing is not an easy one, but I'm determined to try to sell games and not just make them. This has also made me realize that the Spell of Play games portfolio needs to be widened. Simply, I need more games and as you probably have noticed we did get top-down racing game Roadclub out there just a couple of days ago and more games are coming!

As things progress right now at Spell of Play I'll try to get more indie games out in a near future! So stay tuned, these are indeed exiting times!

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